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Lawyers, notaries and tax advisers are well-known terms but did you ever hear of a “legal butler”? Neither did we! Yet this self-invented name accurately describes our comprehensive line of services and makes Dutch Flag simply different.

Dutch Flag is namely the platform for our current and future (inter)national clients who would like to see a wide range of affairs or purchases managed among others within the Netherlands. We serve our customers’ needs without losing sight of their legal position and anonymity. After all, as we maintain “legal reassurance”, the client should be able to blindly rely on it.

"Anonymity and legal reassurance is what Dutch Flag guarantees."

For example Dutch Flag has effectuated on behalf of an American benefactor the bucket list of her late husband. His last wish was to donate a dog watering hole to the city of Amsterdam with the Sarphati Park as the specific location where he lived as a child prior to emigrating to the United States. Unfortunately, her own initiative had accomplished little as the client was unfamiliar with Dutch rules and legislation. Dutch Flag executed this project in consultation with the city of Amsterdam including the corresponding legal and tax counseling as well as the establishment of a suitable foundation.

Another example is that Dutch Flag acquired real estate for a Japanese company under the condition of anonymity which drove our creativity to the limit. But also the purchase of antiques or other luxury consumer goods, visiting auctions, the conduct of legal proceedings or the creation of a franchise are among the assignments that we have carried out for our clients with the utmost care.

Finally, you can contact Dutch Flag for business solutions in connection with all kinds of disputes and legal issues. Our managing partner, Mr Sidney Springer LL.M, for example is confidant, counselor and sparring partner of multiple clients.

"You may expect more from a legal butler."

Every assignment great or small we carry out with the utmost care and discretion. Dutch Flag, as a good butler befits, is available 24/7 to you, not only to execute your assignment but most of all to ensure its legal accuracy, and to protect you from pitfalls which could arise from the conclusion of any given agreement or its execution.

Optimal service: the perfect legal support and absolute discretion like integrity are key words of our success. It may therefore be obvious that all of our employees are screened and amply meet the requirements that we set to our staff. In any given household there is only one “butler”. That is why your contact person is at all times our managing partner, Mr Sidney Springer LL.M.

"Dutch Flag, the road to legal reassurance to all your transactions."

With the use of general terms and conditions it is immediately clear what rights and obligations on both sides exist. This so-called “small print” would save us a lot of time. However, Dutch Flag regards the use of general terms and conditions incompatible with its corporate philosophy and process. All services are customized and offered in good faith, the reason for which there is no room for generalities.

"Dutch Flag is also simply different this way."

We shall not deny here that you should be able to afford our services, after all wherever you are in the world Dutch Flag is one phone call away to handle all matters that you wish to be arranged, and that simply costs money. Dutch Flag serves successful entrepreneurs, prominent families and even the occasional celebrity who all for their own good reasons employ the services of Dutch Flag. So why would you not make use of your own “legal butler”?

at your service while letting your dream come true…....


“Dutch Flag knows how to take care of her clients”

managing partner

Sidney Springer himself is an experienced entrepreneur who knows the ropes and is therefore an inspired lawyer with a passion for real estate and (interior) architecture. He knows how to get the most out of his mediation in buying and selling of, for example, real estate, it, without losing sight of his clients’ interests.

Furthermore, you can also contact him for business solutions related to various disputes and legal issues. For multiple clients he is also a counselor, adviser and sparring partner.


We do not call ourselves "lawyer or notary," after all, they finish where our service just begins. Dutch Flag delivers full customized service with an eye for individuality, lifestyle, personal needs but above all anonymity. Hard work is in our genes but simultaneously we love to let you experience a wonderful time when you visit our small but beautiful country.

Dutch Flag knows how to look after its clients’ interests.

I sincerely hope to greet you.

At your service,
Sidney Springer